About Me

Engineering student from the ‘Brussels School of Engineering’ (ECAM) who has extensive knowledge in software development, web technologies and electronics. Quite interested and ready to participate to great engineering projects, Julien is able to accurately prepare and contribute to projects to the highest standards.

My Projects

Mobile apps


iBlox' is the first mobile app I published on the App Store five years ago.
It's a very simple and straightforward game in which you have to hit the bricks with your ball to win the game.
iBlox' offers different levels with increasing difficulty to help you climb the online matchmaking ladder.


iDoodle' looks easy but it is certainly not. Capture the powerups and stay between your boundaries or you won't last long!


Dare&Drink is a drinking game for smartphone. Enter your names at the beginning of the game and let Dare&Drink take care of the rest.


iStudent is a companion app for students that will get you through the year almost on its own.
With built in features like Homework reminders, you will never miss any deadline again.
Keep track of your schedule and your marks all at one place!



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